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Credit Management / Debt Collection


A new opportunity to develop talent in your business


Supported by government funding & incentives


paraplanners, financial administrators



This new opportunity is available for new & existing staff of all ages


£1500 incentive available subject to conditions*


Thank you for enquiring about these exciting new apprenticeship opportunities.


FWD training & consultancy are specialists in delivering Financial Services apprenticeships & work closely with The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) delivering the new Trailblazer Apprenticeships in Credit Controller/Collector and Advanced Credit Controller/Debt Collection Specialist.


We can help you assess whether these opportunities are right for you & your business through an initial telephone consultation with one of our experts.


Typical questions we are asked in our telephone consultations:


bulletHow does the funding work & do I need to make a contribution to costs as an employer?

bulletAm I entitled to the £1500 incentive in addition to the funding & can I claim this for more than 1 apprentice?

bulletI thought that apprenticeships were only for 16-18 year olds, but I would prefer someone with more life skills. Is it right that an apprentice can be any age?

bulletDoes the apprenticeship include diploma level exams & are training & exam costs paid for by the funding?

bulletI need to develop skills in my business, but I’m not sure whether it’s best to go for the administrator apprenticeship first then follow on with the Paraplanner apprenticeship ... or to go straight into the Paraplanner apprenticeship?

bulletShould I take on a new member of staff or develop existing staff ... or both ... & how does this affect the way the apprenticeship works?

bulletHow can I find a quality candidate & be sure I am taking on someone who is going to be worth investing my time & effort into?

bulletHow much should I pay an apprentice to be able to attract the right calibre of candidate?

bulletHow much time off to study does an apprentice need & do they have to go to college, or is the learning done at work?

bulletI’m concerned about being able to offer the right support to an apprentice, given how busy I am with my clients. How do other businesses overcome this?

bulletI have heard that you offer a free service to source & screen potential candidates for me to interview – how does this work?


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Remember these new apprenticeships have been designed & developed by employers from the Credit Management/Debt Collection sector, so they are specialist & fit for purpose


bulletEndorsed by CICM

bulletCICM Certificate exams funded within the scheme

bulletNo age limit & available to existing staff as well as new



FWD provides a free Apprenticeship recruitment service for businesses. Our dedicated Recruitment Team will work in close partnership with you to make sure we match the right person with the right skills to your Apprenticeship vacancy.


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