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New Financial Planning apprenticeships



4 new apprenticeships are now available to support the development staff, including the newly approved Financial Adviser Apprenticeship, which includes full diploma qualifications.


NB Graduates can also receive government funding to complete these apprenticeships (from April ’17)



The apprenticeships have been developed by employers in the sector, so are specialist schemes specific to key financial planning roles, & include:



bulletGovernment funding available with added incentives for small businesses

bulletCosts of professional qualifications & learning support included

bulletAvailable to both new & existing staff

bulletAvailable for all ages aged 16-65

bulletMonthly meetings with FWD’s personal coach to support & guide the apprentice throughout the apprentice’s development



   financial planning diagram


The entry points are flexible & development paths are flexible; For example, you can start with the Financial Services Administrator and then progress on to the Paraplanner, or you can go straight on to the Financial Adviser apprenticeship. You can decide what’s best for your business and your apprentice.





Funding is available to support employers looking to develop new & existing staff using apprenticeships. There are a number of different funding scenarios depending on your circumstances, so please contact FWD for advice on what is best for you.


Incentives are available for businesses with less than 50 staff, with additional funding if your apprentice is aged under 19 at the start of the scheme.


Example of how the current funding rules apply:


The net costs to the employer as follows:



1. Small Employers (defined as <50 employees)


Example 1a: Small employer <50 employees. Apprentice aged 16-18 (age on day of sign up to scheme).


  Start 3 months 9 months Completion
Employer pays £1500   £1500  
Employer receives incentives   £2700   £900
Net payment by employer       Surplus of £600




Example 1b: Small employer <50 employees. Apprentice aged 19+ (age on day of sign up to scheme).


  Start 3 months 9 months Completion
Employer pays £1500   £1500  
Employer receives incentives   £900   £900
Net payment by employer       £1200




2. Larger Employers (defined as >50 employees)


Example 2a: Larger employer >50 employees. Apprentice aged 16-18 (age on day of sign up to scheme)


  Start 3 months 9 months Completion
Employer pays £1500   £1500  
Employer receives incentives   £1800   £900
Net payment by employer       £300




Example 2b: Larger employer >50 employees. Apprentice aged 19+ (age on day of sign up to scheme)


  Start 3 months 9 months Completion
Employer pays £1500   £1500  
Employer receives incentives       £900
Net payment by employer       £2100




NB: Funding rules are changing from April ’17.


Small employers:


Speak to FWD about the current & future funding rules to ensure you get the best support available.



Large employers:


A new apprenticeship levy will be payable by employers with a payroll of greater than £3M. Speak to FWD about how this affects you & how you can optimise the value of your levy payment by developing new & existing staff using apprenticeship schemes.



About FWD


FWD training & consultancy are specialists in delivering Financial Services apprenticeships & are accredited by the CII. We can help you assess whether these opportunities are right for you & your business through an initial telephone consultation with one of our experts.



Typical questions we are asked in our telephone consultations:


bulletHow does the funding work & do I need to make a contribution to costs as an employer?

bulletAm I entitled to any incentives?

bulletIs the funding better if I start my apprentice before or after April ’17?

bulletI have a member of staff who is a graduate – can they receive funding?

bulletI thought that apprenticeships were only for 16-18 year olds, but I would prefer someone with more life skills. Is it right that an apprentice can be any age?

bulletHow much should I pay an apprentice to be able to attract the right calibre of candidate?

bulletI’m concerned about being able to offer the right support to an apprentice, given how busy I am with my clients. How do other businesses overcome this?

bulletDoes the apprenticeship include diploma level exams & are training & exam costs paid for by the funding?

bulletI need to develop skills in my business, but I’m not sure whether it’s best to go for the administrator apprenticeship first ... or to go straight into the Financial Adviser apprenticeship?

bulletShould I take on a new member of staff or develop existing staff ... or both ... & how does this affect the way the apprenticeship works?

bulletHow can I find a quality candidate & be sure I am taking on someone who is going to be worth investing my time & effort into?

bulletHow much time off to study does an apprentice need & do they have to go to college, or is the learning done at work?

bulletI have heard that you offer a free service to source & screen potential candidates for me to interview – how does this work?




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Remember these new apprenticeships have been designed & developed by employers from the Financial Advice sector, so they are specialist & fit for purpose


bulletEndorsed by CII, IFS & IFP

bulletDiploma exams funded within the scheme

bulletNo age limit & available to existing staff as well as new




bullet"I just wanted to pass on the fantastic feedback I’ve received in relation to the support the apprentices are receiving from the assessor. I already had high expectations of FWD, and this level of support really makes a difference to the learner’s experience and I think we are very fortunate to have a company like FWD working with us."

- Julia (Tenet Group)

bullet"Working with a training provider that is accredited by the CII is very important to us as we know that the training and delivery will be industry specific and the assessors will have a background in financial services and a good working knowledge of what we do and how to get the best out of the candidates."

- Adam Cook (Lyndhurst Financial Management)


bullet"The assessor was great, she made us feel all at ease and confident that we would all get through the courses. She was professional and personable and made the exam and coursework process as easy as possible."

- Elizabeth


bullet"I wanted to say how pleasantly surprised we were at the high quality of candidate that we met today. If this pans out the way I think it will I think we could imbed FWD into our future recruitment process."

- Lee Wells (Ablestoke Financial Planning)


bullet"The assessor was completely professional and knew the industry really well, yet approachable and friendly. She was always on hand to help with any problems or queries that arose. Could not have asked for better."

- Faye


FWD provides a free Apprenticeship recruitment service for businesses. Our dedicated Recruitment Team will work in close partnership with you to make sure we match the right person with the right skills to your Apprenticeship vacancy.


bulletContact us today on 0208 304 3666 to find out how we can help.


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